about us

Inventa Electro Systems (N) Pvt. Ltd was established in 1989, as a PRIVATE LIMITED company now employees a strong R & D base.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is the pillar of our business. Inventa has many innovations & patent pending for new concepts.


The products we have under banner of INVENTA are : -

  1. Solid State Relays / Anti-Pumping Relays / Protective relays for VCB
  2. LED Lighting Solutions
  3. Solar Projects
  4. Circuit Breaker Relays ,CB2T1C relay
  5. OLTC controller relay AUTOCON
  6. Abhipsa Training institutes

The next generation of inventa planning is already in the line with strong marketing plan. The board of directors is a mix of SKILLED technical DIRECTOR Mr. Chetan Choudhari, leading the unit. A hard core technocrat from IIT , (Banaras) VARANASI.

The Marketing Head Mr. Mohanish Choudhari , Technocrat & Management graduate with new energy leading 2 nd generation plans to spearhead the units with technical excellent products.

Solar Energy is INVENTA's next focus. INVENTA is working for excellent solar energy products including core technology.

Our Vision:-
INVENTA ELECTRO SYSTEMS P. LTD aims to make the name INVENTA synonymous with outstanding technological and business performance in the field of electronics - to customers, employees and investors alike. Leading the technological leap.

Our Products:-
INVENTA ELECTRO SYSTEMS P. LTD develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems. These products are the most cost effective solutions in the competitive environment & are indispensable to all electrical and electronic equipment. We offer a broad portfolio that covers both customer and application-specific solutions and standard products. All our specific solutions are SAVING the customer production cost by 30-40%.The LED lighting Solutions offered by INVENTA are matchless. SOLAR systems are the new offered ranges.

Our Goals:-
INVENTA wants our customers to see us as their most reliable , innovative and indispensable partner. We want to be a leader in every market that we serve and grow faster than our competitors. As a technology company driven by innovation and ongoing development, we want to play an active part in shaping progress both today's and tomorrow's technology.

Our Strategy:-
INVENTA pursues a strategy of profitable growth. This strategy is rooted in our broad spectrum of technological competence, which in turn is derived from the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of our team. The result of their research and development work is our innovative strength. Innovation keeps us competitive, enables us to grow and assures our future performance. The outcomes of our ongoing innovation give our customers crucial competitive advantages, while opening up new applications and markets. INVENTA benefits from the synergies that arise from its ability to master and combine different technologies. With our products and services we concentrate on fast-growing markets and are increasing our presence in these markets.

Our Principles:-
Customer Orientation
The customer is at the center of all our efforts. Satisfied customers are indispensable to our success. We serve as partners to our customers. Our top priority is to provide products and services that help them remain competitive and become more competitive.The personal commitment and efforts of every INVENTA employee makes a vital contribution to customer satisfaction.

Process Orientation
Flawless and efficient processes are imperative to enable us to satisfy the varied and ever more exacting demands of the markets we serve. We constantly improve our processes and continually work to enhance our quality, become more reliable, increase our speed and cut our costs.

Investor Orientation
Our shareholders are the owners of INVENTA . We do our utmost to maintain and sustainably increase shareholder value. We also satisfy their expectations with regard to complete and fair reporting as well as transparent and efficient management and supervisory structures.

Employee Orientation
Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their knowledge, experience and dedication are what make our company's success possible in the first place. We are committed to a corporate culture that gives employees the freedom to develop their creativity. We support close cooperation and enterprise at all levels and in all parts of the organization. We actively encourage our employees to channel their creativity and skills into the success of the company. We promote employees who work hard to gain new skills and are committed and willing to take decisions.